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Silk Painted With Dye


In 2009, while floating down the Ganges River at sunrise in sacred Varanasi, India, Erin had a vision of her art on silk. She saw a woman taking a painting down off of the wall and wearing it to an elegant event. Erin spent that year wandering India, following the silk road and teaching herself to paint with dye on silk.

She had an interest in abstraction for a while and found a vehicle to seriously explore it in silk painting. Silk allows her to focus on making something lovely.  The material is so beautiful and the dye so wild, it is enough to just guide its flow in an appealing way and this method of painting is meditative as Erin is completely in the moment--no definition or planning involved. This feels more like the method of nature--just creating beauty to interact with. The person wearing it adds depth and story to the composition as they live and have experiences in it. This art is beautiful and functional. All silk is painted with dye and steam-set for 3 hours, so it can be gently washed.  These paintings are multi-dimensional and ready to participate in your life on many levels.

night memorial