Smooth as Silk                                                                                  Paonia, Colorado,  970.462.8849

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Paintings on Canvas, Paper, Wood


Erin is adept at many mediums.  A medium has its own languange and one must be willing to play with it until communication has been established.  Erin works in Acrylic, oil, watercolor, pastel, pen and ink, found object sculpture, whatever else she can get her hands on--often mixing things up into multi-media compositions.  She plays with materials until the beauty starts flowing through her fingers and the art takes over--creating itself.

Eat Light

Painted mostly live, the second session that really shaped it was at the Alibi Room with an abstract electronica ensemble. Erin painted the whole evening under red light (so she could not tell which colors were being used) with this piece upside down. When the show was over she turned it right side up and put on a regular light. This piece was stolen and is floating somewhere around Seattle--if you see it, please tell Erin