Smooth as Silk                                                                                  Paonia, Colorado,  970.462.8849

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Paintings on Canvas, Paper, Wood


Erin is adept at many mediums.  A medium has its own languange and one must be willing to play with it until communication has been established.  Erin works in Acrylic, oil, watercolor, pastel, pen and ink, found object sculpture, whatever else she can get her hands on--often mixing things up into multi-media compositions.  She plays with materials until the beauty starts flowing through her fingers and the art takes over--creating itself.


Oil on Canvas, Available. This woman is bathing her heart in light and birthing a garden. Erin heard a story of a pregnant woman in the middle of the war in Bosnia. Violence is all around her and in her home. She has an overwhelming urge to protect her unborn child in a world of death all around her. Beyond her control she grabs a permanent marker and draws a large spiral on her belly. She feels immediately calm and safe. The spiral is an ancient symbol of protection and guiding the flow