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What I do.....

I have been a practitioner of some sort of energy or body work since 2002.  I offer everything from deep tissue to gentle meditative relaxation.  All of my massages include heat therapy, hot rocks, and energy work.  People generally find relief in one session and they leave feeling connected to their sweetest essence.  For a full bio check out

Here are testimonials from my people:


--“I’d like to start by saying that magical things tend to happen to me after a session with Erin. Seriously, I manifest things more easily.

There’s definitely something shamanic about her. I think she clears my energy so well that it makes me open to attract new things. I’ve never experienced that before with a massage therapist. 

Not only is she intuitive, but her touch is perfect, the pressure is perfect, and she knows what she’s doing. I appreciate a confident bodyworker and that is exactly what Erin is! I go to her when I have chronic pain, or when I just need some touch. I can’t recommend her enough, she’s helped me through some difficult times physically and emotionally. Book her now :)”


Erin is a deeply skilled and intuitive healer. She has amazing hands and a knack for honing in on the spots that count in the body. These traits of hers are clear and proven. But what you may not know about Erin is that she’s a yogi mystic. Her vast knowledge of Eastern traditions, her command of the breath, the way she uses sound along with touch to heal, her understanding of the shakras and energy centers that are the keys to a whole other modality of medicine and wellness that has been around for thousands of years - these qualities make her a singular healer. In my days I have found none more gifted or effective. I recommend her - highly."


"Erin Hilleary is far and away the most accomplished massage therapist I have ever experienced.The massage sessions with Erin are never the same because she works intuitively; she knows just how to work with each muscle group for what is needed in the moment.


Since working with Erin regularly, my posture is now normal, my aches and pains are minimal, and I feel quite confident. Erin has helped me to become the strong and healthy person I have desired to be.The energy healing she brings to the table is phenomenal. I am most grateful for her gifts as well as her professionalism."


Ronna Webb

July 2018