What I do.....

Massage is my secret way to do yoga to people, sculpting you into your ideal state of being. I help you calibrate to your source and to bring it through every cell, so that you may function from that space physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

Enlightenment feels like equal sensation all over your body.  We get in touch with your version of that in one session.  I've been a practitioner since 2002 and my work is like a combination of Rolfing and Berry method with structural alignment, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, and cranial sacral mixed in.  I specialize in deep tissue, but can be gentle if you prefer.  

Everything I do is rooted in meditation, energy work and many years as a yoga practitioner, student and teacher  All of my sessions include heat therapy, hot rocks, essential oils, homemade herbal remedies.  People generally find relief in one session and they leave feeling connected to their sweetest essence.