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Blood and Honey

Written by Danica Anderson, Illustrated by Erin Hilleary

In the face of modern day territorial warfare, first person accounts of a powerful, yet often neglected, tool that has the potential to heal grief-stricken communities around the world.

Blood and Honey Icons: Biosemiotics and Bioculinary

Written by Danica Anderson, Illustrated by Erin Hilleary

A Cookbook & Trauma Healing practice topanalysis of South Slavic women war crimes and war survivors inscribed memories; an experiential approach to food in conflict, domestic dwelling, agriculture and husbandry.

Tabitha's Garden

Written By Bob Nanninga, Illustrated by Erin Hilleary

Written by Bob Nanninga and illustrated by Erin Hilleary, this is a book about how Yoga and intentional movement can help us to feel our connection to the natural world; how we can learn to act more like plants with meditation. This is a reminder of what we can learn from things that grow