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How to attract and tantrically interact with a Mythical Man

Yingasm yoga--there is an orgasm available in every part of your body....


First Become a Magnet

Magnet--First become the most potent version of yourself. Develop your ability to attract divinity in general--to attract the Mythical Man.

Address your physical health. It doesn't look any sort of way, you just need to access to it and play with your body, your form....Be intentional about the way that you look and feel. That you feel and enjoy your beauty.

You want to exhibit this in order to attract a man who feels that way about himself.


Explore the expanses of your energy. Move your mind's eye through your body and look into your physical sensations in every part of your body. Explore the points in space that you can imagine. See how far out you can go. Become nothing. Meditate.

Begin to realize that there is an orgasm available in every tiny party of your body. Realize that every physical sensation that you have is somehow sacred and part of divinity.

Become aware of who you are so that you may understand the nature of another person's energy.


Look into the masculine inside of you. Identify your perfect man and realize that is your unembodied masculine counterpart. Spend time with him. Allow that energy to support and fertilize your life, your ideas, your endeavors. Interact with him. Allow that energy to permeate your being. Become whole and know that whatever you have going on inside and energetically will create itself in the world around you. Know that energy fills the men in your life and some are more able to contain/embody it. The more you know about that energy, the better able you are to choose a man who can align with and hold that energy.


If you don’t have anyone you’re interested in, this practice will draw men to you who somehow fit what you’re creating inside. The first one that comes may not be the ultimate one. We get what we ask for and then have an opportunity to accept it or go back to the drawing board.


This works with a fairly polarized man—if you have someone in mind, begin to draw him in—let him come to you and turn it up according to his polarization. An extremely hunter type man will be drawn in no matter what once he catches your scent. Be so completely who you are! Bask in it—sometimes in front of him enough for him to realize that’s what you’re doing when he’s not wonder what you’re up to and know it could be so many amazing things.

Spend every moment you can doing the 64 Tantric Arts

(insert tantric 64 practices)


Then become a vessel—

Vessel: Develop the capacity to consciously intertwine your own energy to another person's energy. See how far out his energy goes. Ask his psychic permission...ask silently where he wants you to go and then send your energy there—no more than that. Turn this energy completely off when around him at first, but then once you have handle on it, turn it on just for a moment and see what it does….ask his energy how it wants to be interacted with

You will start to receive opportunities to be with him more and more—avoid them mostly….and when you do see him after a while, keep it platonic physically but play in the energetic plane.

Vet him....see how far his expanses go and in which direction. Connect with and recognize the difference between him and you. Gently and unobtrusively explore his energy. Let his voice move through you...his breath. Breathe the same breath.

Explore his body--just open to the idea of relating to his eyes, his stomach, his fingers. Trust your insight--it is correct if you are doing your meditation. Play with moving through his physical sensations, moving through his body energetically. …..draw him in the ethereal plane and he will feel it...draw him into you energetically for a long time—fill yourself so completely with his energy when you’re going to sleep—feel him out completely with what you know before you know him—with just his eyes. It is nice to have this going on with more than one man—just letting men feed into your life, experience your divine energy and subtly compete with each other—that’s what they want. You are doing them a service. Fill yourself with him, with his energy


Become a vortex...first as you draw him in—connect him with you—in the high spaces where meeting is very clean, but also you can sometimes move your energetic eyes through him and be a presence in his body—perhaps activating things, perhaps connecting or exploring...maybe do this at first alone to get acquainted so that you won’t get overwhelmed and let on what your doing or lose control. This part can get very tricky because when you start to do this in person with him, he will very easily get turned on.

You want to have a lot of control when you do this in his presence or with any sort of physical touch. If you haven’t explored his energy field sufficiently, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the connection and his reaction and to lose control of your energy. It is important to only allow as much as you can handle, as you can keep associating with him with intention, curiosity, and understanding of what you’re feeling. It is easy to switch “off” and go into autopilot—especially if you are still recovering from prior training where we are supposed to porn star lay there while they pound us.


Explore them energetically and begin to vertically meet them—reach your energy out as far as it will go and see where it meets his—see the triangle that you form and feel the base of it between you. Feel through the core of his energy, through the beam of light that runs through the center of his vertebrae from crown to head and then out through the head, down through the center of the earth….feel around in his body with your perception, with your energy.

When you feel very associated with his energy, start to experiment with bringing his up to yours…..Find yours, move with it as far as it will go—invite him up to yours, just for a bit….


In your own meditations you will notice where yours goes. You may notice that it connects with a feminine source...the seed goddess archetype...the mother of God….Spend time with her—perhaps open to the idea of following her ideas and desires for the world….


At first let him feel into yours very sparingly—just a moment sometimes where you also look him in the eye, or you’re doing yoga or art or some sort of expression of beauty to indicate to him that you may know something about that feeling he just had…..

Breathing his same breath in and out is the breath of friendship

Opposite breaths begin intimate exchange—you take in his breath and give him with both. Play with switching them on and off and see what happens…..


Don’t have sex with him until you are very comfortable with him connecting to your energy in your highest realm, on your mountain, your temple…..He will want to have sex with you very badly—waiting until the perfect time is very powerful...You will not lose his attention if you do this.

When you do have sex with him, set a sacred space. Wear a sacred outfit. Be in a sweet spot in your cycle. Spend the day primping and preparing. Begin with Eye staring and breathing….


Before you orgasm take him into your highest temple realm...let him worship it, fertilizing it...making offerings of seeds to the world you are channeling…..Have something to manifest with your orgasm perhaps and hold it sometimes in your mind allowing him to energize it….to bring it into physical form.

If you have a strong association with the mother goddess feminine source…..perhaps offer him to her and see if she wants him. If she does—feed him to her—She will give him Femlightenment

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