Smooth as Silk                                                                                  Paonia, Colorado,  970.462.8849

Erin Hilleary


In 2010 while floating down the Ganges River through Varanasi, India, at dawn, Erin was gifted the idea to paint silk. She wandered the country for many months, seeking out teachers and supplies—as well as practicing yoga and meditation. This became her main medium and she spent the next nine years expanding the possibilities of silk painting; painting images that had no comparison in the medium in ways that had never before been done. She got work into the Salvador Dali Museum, among the many galleries and high level boutiques she worked with, marketing a creation that functions both as fine art and clothing. She also participated in fine art festivals all over the country.


She had been a surrealist mixed media artist for twelve years before; traveling around the country world as an art gypsy for much of that time. She illustrated books written by Danuica Anderson, PHD, on the archetypal symbol language of Eastern Europe's neolithic matriarchal tribes and even unwittingly made peace amidst the rivaling war ravaged people of Ahmichi, Bosnia with the simple act of painting a decimated mosque and gifting it to the town.


Erin was born in Nederland and spent her early childhood on a farm in Paonia, Colorado. After following the wind all over the planet for over a decade, Erin was able to choose where she wanted to live. She chose to return to Paonia for the joy and also the optimal childhood of her 6 year old son, Alastar. She now resides in Paonia working as a massage therapist and yoga instructor. She still paints a lot of silk, sending it all over and is returning to her canvas roots. Erin is sure that she absolutely where she wants to be doing what she wants to be doing 99% of her time. This is a state she has attained through complete trust in the beauty of life, the goodness of her hearts language and the bliss of creativity.